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Mrs. Floki is a new cryptocurrency token that has emerged as a popular meme token in the world of digital currencies. The token is named after Floki, a character in the popular TV series "Vikings". Mrs. Floki token is designed to reward its holders with additional Floki tokens on every transaction that takes place on the network. One of the unique features of the Mrs. Floki token is its distribution model. Specifically, 4% of every transaction that takes place on the network is distributed among the token holders as a reward for their contribution to the network. This means that as more people transact with the Mrs. Floki token, the rewards for the token holders will also increase, making it a potentially attractive investment opportunity. Another interesting aspect of the Mrs. Floki token is its focus on building a community of users. The token's creators have designed it to feature Floki's family members, which they hope will help build a strong sense of community among the token holders. This approach could potentially help to increase the token's popularity and adoption, as more people are attracted to the idea of being part of a community of like-minded individuals.