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Sigil Finance is a DeFi platform on Ethereum that allows users to create and invest in pools that operate similarly to the traditional mutual fund. SIGIL is the utility token of Sigil Finance. It can be used to earn fees from pool transactions. The token will also be used to unlock new features in the future such as a gas refund system and lower fees. What is the Sigil Finance Dapp? The main element of Sigil Finance Dapp are pools. These pools hold assets selected by the pool owner and can be traded by that pool owner. While the pool owner can trade assets, they cannot withdraw these assets or the shares of pool members. Users of Sigil Finance are able to invest in pools and gain a tokenized version of their share. While an investors’ share in the pool does not change, unless they sell or buy pool tokens, the value of their share will change as the assets held by the pool gain or lose value. By using Sigil Pools, users can have a crypto trader make profitable trades for them, while the trader earns a fee from each transaction made to and from the pool. The Sigil Finance Dapp also includes SIGIL staking. Along with pool fees paid out to the pool owner, a 2% fee is collected from each pool transaction. This fee is split between SIGIL stakers and the Sigil Finance platform.