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MinionsINU has been specially designed at every stage to be the safest and most loved project. MinionsINU project was launched on Jan-14-2023. The total supply is 1,000,000,000,000,000 MINION tokens. %50 Supply Burnt Forever before launch. As a result of in-team meetings and social research, it was decided that the tax fee would be 0%. Since the tax fee is 0%, large wallets are not reserved under the name of marketing, team, partnership. Only a 5% wallet is reserved for MinionsINU to be listed on major exchanges. With the decision of MinionsINU finance team, MINION token will be sold with BUSD parity and liquidity locked along a year. Since MinionsINU agreed with an exchange before the launch, you will probably see while you are reviewing the project, 3% supply is reserved for Kucoin and the listing pool has been created in Kucoin. The remaining 48% supply is added to the liquidity. MinionsINU project will be financed by NFT sales, stakes and sponsorships in the MinionsVerse universe. MinionsINU finance team secured special sponsorship deals specifically for MinionsINU Web3.0 BettingPlatform. One of MinionsINU biggest goals is to be the mascot of the EnglandPremierLeague and to sign a partnership with a big world star. Team burned all the tokens had in the remaining DEV wallet after created exchange&stake pools.