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Cerebreum is a revolutionary new crypto project that offers a unique opportunity for anyone to participate in the exciting world of AI-driven trading. By purchasing the Cerebreum token, individuals can share in the profits generated by highly sophisticated AI trading bots that trade in both the crypto and forex markets. This allows for a new level of accessibility and ease of use for those looking to enter the world of algorithmic trading. Blockchain technology has been able to decentralize finance and has allowed incumbents to generate yield that is a direct resultant of on chain interaction. With blockchain technology come cryptocurrencies which have garnered quite the interest in recent years, as they offer new ways to interact with your money securely while also being a decentralized store of value. However, as of right now, all protocol earned revenue (yield) across the entire crypto ecosystem is limited to volume which in turn is limted to liquidity. This yield is either usually token heavy or dependent on supply and demand of the limited liquidity within the ecosystem. There is currently no cryptocurrency that not only performs as a store of value, but also generates "Real Yield" from external revenue sources outside of crypto and share it with its users? That's exactly what Cerebreum AI is doing. Cerebreum AI is the first cryptocurrency that generates yield from external revenue sources outside of the crypto world and distributes it to all native token stakers. This r