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The initial specified satoshis 'Ordinals' on the Ethereum blockchain utilising the bitcoin blockchain. Explore each Inscription and Ordinal Exactly like you would there. Many fully synchronised Bitcoin Core nodes will be available for usage on our upcoming Dapp. In response to the recent buzz around Ordinal Theory, we will also establish an NFT BTC launchpad to make it easier for Ethereum users to acquire NFTs on the bitcoin network. Our plan is to increase exposure to this new ecosystem by on ramping ethereum users who do not already own BTC. Through the use of our token users will be able to buy and sell Ordinals that are stored on the bitcoin network without the need to buy BTC. The Ordinal BTC team comprises a diverse group of dozens of cryptocurrency and NFT enthusiasts from different parts of the world. You can communicate with our team administrators through our Telegram or read our Medium, there is always someone available to respond to your inquiries. Ordinal BTC aspires to be a community-focused initiative that continuously grows through incentivizing its holders. We recognize that a successful crypto project can only be achieved with a strong and dedicated community. Our goal is to constantly engage and energize our community, ultimately becoming one of the most rapidly expanding web3 brands globally.