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Two Paws project, this is a p2p lending protocol. The protocol allows two parties to commit themselves for a limited period of time. The lender of the loan receives fixed interest rates while the other party agrees to repay the loan within a predetermined period. With the Two Paws protocol, all profits go to the lending party and not to bots or arbitrage algorithms, providing better protection for both parties. The uniqueness of the protocol is that the lender receives all the profits, and not bots or arbitrage algorithms. And the borrower does not have liquidation due to price manipulation by big players and oracles. The borrower can only go into liquidation if he has not repaid his loan by the due date. The Two Paws project was created by crypto enthusiasts, exclusively for all crypto enthusiasts, so that everyone is protected from liquidations, mev bots, price manipulation, etc. The protocol is fully operational at the moment and already has a certain number of users. Next, the team will be engaged in marketing, so that as many people as possible learn about the protocol, learn that you can be safe and not think about liquidation due to mev bots or price manipulation The TWOPAW token is used in the protocol to pay out rewards when a Reward Order is in effect. you can also buy NFT for a token (NFT is sold only for a token). in the 2500 nft protocol, when 1650 nft is sold, a DAO will be formed that will become the full owner of the Two Paws protocol