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TAO is the native token of Bittensor, a revolutionary decentralized network built on the blockchain that empowers machine learning models and validators to form a market for machine intelligence. The network provides a unique platform where validators can query multiple machine learning models, rank them according to their criteria and select the best ones for mining. Bittensor ensures that each validator has a say in determining which data miners produce, ensuring that only the most valuable data is rewarded. Validators are incentivized to come to a consensus and rank the miners according to their contributions, and the rewards are distributed proportionally between the miners and validators. The system is built on a 50/50 model, where both validators and miners share the rewards, ensuring a fair and transparent distribution of rewards. In summary, TAO is the fuel that powers the Bittensor network, which creates a decentralized marketplace for machine intelligence. Through the use of machine learning models and validators, Bittensor ensures that only the most valuable data is rewarded, and the rewards are distributed fairly between validators and miners.